Orientation and social connections check-in for students who spent 2019-2020 fully remote

by Stephanie Pease,
Because of high risk family members, both my kiddos (age 13 & 15) spent all last year remote. My older son missed his orientation to freshman life at Fairview, and the (albeit limited) opportunities for social connection he would have made as a normal freshman. My younger son began as a new student at Manhattan Middle in January, and couldn't have had a better experience for the situation he was in, but obviously will be starting his 8th grade year as essentially a brand-new student to the school, with all the social-emotional complications that go along with that. I'm hoping very much that schools might be able to make an effort to give students who missed out on any in-person learning last year some sort of orientation and social-emotional check-in part way through the first semester to see if they've been able to make the social connections that will help them thrive as learners.
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