Options for special home learning

by Hybrid Kiddos,

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My child, a rising sophomore, has had a terrible experience in BVSD for YEARS. We’ve tried several different schools and had to pull her out for two years when her teachers and the environment became so toxic that she became suicidal. Despite the efforts of several lovely teachers and staff, she still finds school to be frightening, exhausting, and wasteful of her time and efforts. She is highly gifted but also in an ILC program due to her needs. COVID provided an amazing opportunity to see what she can accomplish WITH her amazing support team AND the removal of the school environment which feels unsafe for her. She moved from 8th percentile in 8th grade math to 66th percentile in 9th grade in one school year when properly supported remotely and able to access learning from home. It is terrible that the district isn’t trying harder to find solutions for my daughter, and others like her, who need specialized support but find the in-person environment damaging. Boulder universal is not an adequate option for her. She is SO upset and afraid to return to in-person learning and lose all the progress she’s made. I think more effort should be put into accommodation for students like mine (since the hybrid model offered stops before her grade) and to supporting the lovely teachers she has who are willing to support her learning in creative and adaptive ways.
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Sspitler about 1 year ago
My child was a freshmen last year and on an IEP. she is also smart (above adverage IQ) but has a learning disability as well. I 100% agree with the above post ( by hybrid kiddos) . My daughter thrived last year for the first time. Her grades were the best they have ever been and her mental health was improved as well. She too was constantly bullied and she is in a constant state of fear and stress while in the school building. Staff has been good and tried to help but let's face it there really isn't anything they can do. Giving bullies a talking to seems to be the only recourse and it does no good. I too find BU an unexceptable alternative as it is not setup in a way conducive to kids with special needs and teachers tend to bully students instead of help them. Last year we saw what could be accomplished by thinking outside of the box and I had hoped BVSD would continue to embrace these new options. I was disappointed it will be back to normal next year. My daughter wants to drop out of school now. 
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