budget diversification

by ryan@me.com,

I am super glad to see that you are prioritizing mental health---it is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to me. I would really like the district to see about funding for more extracurricular school/academic activities. For example, things like Battle of the Books or chess club. A place and opportunity for our children to connect with each other in a new way and gain vital experiences that can inspire them. It is these experiences that in a create a love of learning and more in-depth investigations and learning. I know the idea is to focus on paying master-level teachers, but I truly think that philosophy is very outdated. The district has ended up with all these experienced teachers, yes, but where is the innovation and vivacious dedication that you get from new teachers??? I had a chance to work in SVVSD and was saddened to see what a more quality experience the kids there are getting b/c all the money is not put in one pot. You also then end up with bad teachers that can't be fired which I experienced already with my boys twice. Thanks for listening and I hope BVSD can consider the idea of changing its funding directive to better meet the needs of our students.

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